Who we are and what we do

Transnautica came into being in 1960. We started life as a freight forwarder but, knowing full well that nothing ever ends up as it begins, we always wanted more and better — and we now have over 200 employees.

We specialise in land, sea and air transport. We guarantee that the process has a beginning, middle and end. Our service is global and goes from the contract logistics process to organisation, implementation and transport control. We respond to requests from our clients quickly, effectively and, above all, reliably. We can get things to anywhere in the world, with our reliable and effective transport.

We have a network of partners spread all over the world, with the capacity to successfully respond to the needs of our clients.

Based in Porto, we have platforms dedicated to contract logistics and distribution. These are in Porto, Aveiro, Coimbra and Lisbon, and occupy an area of over 50.000 m2.

We are proud to serve our clients with the highest standards and quality, knowing we are supported by know-how and experience accumulated over more than 60 years in existence.

Who we are and what we do

What drives us


To respond to the global market with value-added transport solutions and services which contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.


To make Transnautica one of the best companies in Portugal in national and international transport, sea and air freight, as well as logistics operations and cross-docking and distribution.


Diligence and Professionalism

Business ethics




Transnautica in the DESFO Group

 Transnautica became part of the DESFO Group in 2015 and changed its name to Transnautica Global Logistics.

The DESFO Group is 100% held by Portuguese capital and has been in the marketplace for over 30 years. It’s conduct and operation is based on constant dynamism and on very sound ethical principles. It currently consists of four independent business units – industry, distribution & retail, logistics and investments – which have a turnover of around EUR 146 million.

With over 1,500 employees, DESFO works every day toward creating dynamism and relationships of cooperation.

One of our main advantages is the creation of synergies at different levels, from complementary services, route optimisation, complementary locations and building our customer portfolio to cost optimisation.

What sets us apart

  • Transversal, integrated value chain from logistics to all types of transport
  • Personalised solutions targeted at the Portuguese industrial fabric
  • Integrated information systems incorporating targeted and innovative technologies using digitalisation and artificial intelligence
  • Transparent, proactive information with dedicated liaison staff
  • Certification of processes, methodologies and workflows, aimed at continuous improvement
  • Constant development of environmental policies
  • Own fleet
  • Goods insurance adapted to the merchandise
  • Scheduled deliveries (exact date and time)
  • Personalised service and specialisation in full loads
  • Access to an exclusive digital portal for clients, where they can make bookings, prepare labelling from their warehouse and track and trace their order in real time
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