There is no minimum limit, but there is a maximum limit, both for national and for international transport. For land transport, the limit weight is 24,000 kg and the volume limit is 90 m3.

    Air and sea freight have a number of restrictions so we would need to analyse your specific case.

  Estimated Transit Time
National Distribution 
1 day 
Azores and Madeira Archipelagos 
4 to 5 days   
2 to 3 days   
3 to 4 days   
4 to 5 days   
4 days  
United Kingdom   
6 to 7 days   
4 to 5 days   
5 days  
5 to 6 days   
5 to 6 days   
6 to 7 days   
6 to 7 days   
7 tyo 8 das   
10 days  
5 to 7 days   
5 to 7 days   
Other countries  
On request

The transit time varies according to the type of product and transport (Groupage, LTL or FTL).

    We can give you a quote for your needs, whether these are national or international (for large or small volumes, from boxes to pallets). 

Request Quote

    All merchandise is covered by CRM insurance. This insurance is on the real total weight of the goods and corresponds to around €9/100 kg.

    This insurance is included in the transport price, so it comes at no extra cost.


    This complementary insurance is on the commercial value of the merchandise. Depending on the type of merchandise, there is normally an associated cost of 0.25% of the value of the merchandise — with a minimum of €15 and a deductible of €150.

    First of all, you’ll need to send us an email asking for a quote — indicating the postcode, the country(ies) where the shipment will be loaded and unloaded and the weight of the cargo.

    As soon as you receive our reply, you just have to confirm the shipment so we can get the process underway.

    Of course.

    You can track your order quickly and easily. Just go to our client portal and enter your shipping code.


    Transport costs are calculated based on the gross weight (real or in terms of volume) and the space occupied in the lorry — and are obviously related to loading and unloading locations also.

    If you have more questions, please phone us at +351 969 893 666 or e-mail us at

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